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March 24th, 2020

originally titled "unansweredquestions"?? at the beginning... which sparked a HUGE conversation from different angles of thought. a HUGE THANK YOU to the "unansweredquestions" podcast - Hosted by Cindy & co-hosted by Rhonda; who dive into open investigations with real-time facts & opinions LIVE. 

(ALSO i would personally like to apologize to Miss Rhonda of the unansweredquestions)

This show was started after hearing/seeing some distasteful things in the unansweredquestions podcast; solely OPINIONS based on what was seen/heard. After hearing about ThePodGod's show while on air, listeners from their pod joined us and gave their perspective, respectfully. Through it all, listeners from both shows grew as a community & expressed love when the dust settled. From the love, came the new title that was changed to PODPARTY with good music vibes & conversation AND new listeners from the 'unanswered' show! 


This particular was a blessing to have. People (strangers) from all walks of life came together and hashed things out  as civilized adults. MUCH LOVE!